Tech Specs :


Notification of Techno - Commercially eligible bidders of TENDER Notice No: - UGVCL/PROJECT/RRBRLDSS/PMA/93 for Consultancy Services for assisting and supporting in project Management to Uttar Gujarat Vij Company Limited under "Revamped Reforms-Linked Results-Based Distribution Sector Scheme and UGVCL is procssing for Opening of Financial Bid on  Date : 25.08.2022



Revised Policy of  "Vender Registration for erection contractor of HT/LT line & Transformer center"



To inform the loyal customers of Uttar Gujarat Vij Company Limited (UGVCL) that UGVCL does not send any type of SMS regarding payment of electricity bill through 10-digit mobile number. Also, do not provide any kind of information or OTP requested by such fraudulent SMS. Also report such matter to the nearest UGVCL office. UGVCL sends SMS from XX-UGVCLG. Avoid SMS other than this.


Fraudulent activities under Pradhan Mantri Urja Suraksha evam Utthaan Mahabhiyaan (PM-KUSUM) Scheme.


Inviting views/comments/suggestions of manufacturers/suppliers/public etc. on the Draft Technical Specifications of 11KV AAAC covered conductor (MVCC) and its accessories


Item Wise Technical Specification

Inviting Applications for POWERTHON-2022 competition, Enabling Advance Technologies in Power Distribution - reg.

Inviting Views/ Comments/ Suggestions of public/ Suppliers/ agencies etc... on the Draft Specification of Gapless Metal Oxide Distribution Type Arresters with Polymer Housing
View/Suggestion (S) on draft common tender conditions for underground 11 / 22 kV HT Cable Laying work with terminations in the area of all DISCOMs